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Wedding beauty tips

In recent years, wedding photography increasingly was new by attention, took a meimei of wedding is each a associate new of wish, but to wants to took out a meimei of wedding, posture and facial expression is is important of Oh, to in took wedding of day can took out himself most beautiful of side, now let we followed Beijing taste space wedding photography work room a up practice about shooting Qian of beauty attitude small skills's.

one contrast once the photo;

before the formal wedding photos, we need to look at their beauty and the lack of facial expression, so wedding photos for us to perform better, take out take the success and failure of pictures before comparison, difference where the purpose is to summarize the point of view of look good and bad angles.

II ask family and friends;

in compared has himself yiqian of photos yihou, in asked about himself is family friends, mother, and husband, and boudoir in the close friends, they is most understand you of people, and is on you no retained of people, they will told you most real of feel, not perfunctory, and not blindly of praised or demoted, they of views will corrected you through compared yiqian of photos obtained of some errors views, must to listening to they of, if has compared master photography and makeup of friends also can appropriate advisory about, but if just acquaintances on forget.

after all the previous two preparations, here we take a look at that beauty tips in wedding photography.

1; in fact, most of the mm mirror, but before the photo and usually do not, have the objective mirror. First, the face, multiple angles himself, looked up and good-looking head looks perfect, positive good 3/4 side looks perfect, smiling, laughing, which seriously looking and me still a wide-eyed look, eyes eyes better nice corners. Eyebrows, pick a nice, relaxed look. , Of course, is a comprehensive, integrated look.

2;  to practice according to the whole body, in front of the mirror posing multi-angle positions, you can imitate some magazine model, I want to know the characteristics of your own body, broad shoulders, no waist girls will have to avoid shooting, coarse avoid side arm body close-up, and so on. Everyone is different, to their own research.

3 remember you not fit to look (and even written down). Take for example my own, my eye is relatively large, and bags under the eyes, so MI eyes ugly; high cheekbones, he smiles too pick take 3/4 lateral deformation of the face. Remember, taking pictures while trying to avoid, which is not only good for your photo, any photo opportunity is useful for the future.

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