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Summer makeup steps

Summer makeup the right steps:


     – clean – tonic--emulsion cream – cream--(cream)-Foundation--(concealer)-loose powder eye shadow----eyebrows eyeliner – – shadow--loose powder blush--gills – mascara--lip gloss makeup set


     eye and lip makeup remover – facial make-up Remover-clean-start-toner or mask maintenance

correct make-up procedure is as follows:

   1. cleaning: clean the skin thoroughly with effective cleaning products.

   2. skin care: paint can improve and protect skin skin care products, including toner, or toner, face cream, eye cream.

   3. Foundation: good make-up should use several colors of Foundation, face took on a stereo effect, shows differences in light and shade.

   4. eyebrow: depicted eyebrow after pinch eyebrow cut and trimmed.

   5. draw eyes: draw a sequence of eye is a nose eyeshadow eyeliner lashes.

   6. blush: blush also should pay attention to modify other parts of the face, such as amount and jaws.

   7. apply lipstick: lip liner paint, or Lipstick with a lip brush bar applied.

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