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Lead: exquisite bride makeup can make the bride look even more attractive, but as the wedding time slowly increasing, beautiful bride style face makeup challenge. So how can we keep our beautiful makeup more durable? Here, we just give everyone a few bridal makeup tips.  

     bridal makeup Secrets: wedding without makeup

bride makeup Secrets: how to make bridal makeup more permanent?

before the bridal makeup, soda chilled mineral water spray on your face, doing so can help you consolidate more makeup, making the skin more tender, and the Foundation keep the wedding day the best choice of profession for a long time lasting foundation, they are not as easily as daily Foundation makeup.

Meanwhile, it is recommended that you use of cosmetics containing silicone, can effectively guarantee the makeup lasting powder power is complete, don't forget to sweep blush on the cheek, pink cheeks make you look refreshed, finally in loose powder makeup, so that you can be beautiful all day. Get bridal beauty, skin is greeted with the best cosmetic modification.

bride makeup recipes II: hair is unruly to do?

If you have dry hair, hairstyles are easy to maintain. First, wet hair with a moisturizing spray   then put the hair dryer connected together wind up, with high hot air blow dry my hair, blowing at the same time, make with a hair comb. Blowing hair is the key to wind direction to head down, so you can make the hair soft, smooth, and remember to keep your hair fully dries. You leave any moisture on the hair, has a chance to elaborate hairstyles you wasted.

If your hair starts to curl at the wedding, don't worry about it, your finger a little hair wax and hair gently break, then spray on the hair moisture spray can remove moisture.

bride makeup recipes III: sweat more to do?

before the dress body talcum powder can keep your skin dry. Johnson's baby powder is a good choice, it allows you to find the feeling baby soft. And underarm antiperspirant on sweaty paint gel antiperspirant deodorant, if you are serious you can consult a doctor, the use of more powerful antiperspirant product.

for serious people, or select underarm Botox injections (Botox is commonly known as) to inhibit the secretion of sweat glands under the arm. If this problem is not to the point of seriously affect daily life, just for the wedding day, bride using this method is not recommended. So, the bride at the wedding can always have fresh and clean appearance.

bride makeup recipes IV: how to avoid lipstick makeup?

do not eat oily food at the wedding, and pay attention to eating to SIP a little at a time, do not use lip gloss makeup, it will be you and the groom were left in after kissing his mouth. If you do not want to spend too much time on the lips, on the use of long-acting non-marking lipstick.

first, medium-toned lip liner brush lips contour, and then again inside the contour lipstick Finally, use paper towels to absorb the excess lipstick off and then apply again. Because tissue in contact with the lips at the same time, can allow more color particles close to the lips. Want to groom, and guests are fascinated by the lips, is as simple as that.

bride makeup secret five: how to avoid oily oily skin face?

in Bridal makeup course, skipping steps to apply moisturizer, starting from the smudge oil control products only where the excess oil production in your skin to use it, such as the t-zone, with water see gel coated skin, then use oil-free Foundation, and finally with translucent loose powder light sweep cheek makeup.

on the wedding day to remember keep blotting papers, face appear as shiny, little piece of blotting papers to help you solve the problem try to choose a cosmetic not containing silt, so you don't have to worry about excess fat on your face can make a Groove of makeup.

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