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Four seasons bridal method

Cute teen girl is a man irresistible, and brides on their wedding day, and lovely bride make-up to adorn, will be more icing on the cake. Whether it is summer or cold winter, following this makeup, girls lovely temperament will show!

1, Foundation

when the Foundation, the bride can choose to join the sparkling emulsion liquid Foundation. Because after this bright emulsion on the whole face, will let the skin shine. When you make a Foundation, not to conceal dark circles, use eyeliner to shape layers can directly.

2, honey powder

the choice is sparkling with Pearl powder, color three options: purple, pink, and white. Purple of honey powder for health colour of bride, dang purple and yellow skin with Shi, will up to complementary of role, skin will more translucent; pink of honey powder is is recently is popular of a, soft of color very for Asia people of skin; if bride of skin is white, wants to let skin more has gloss, is can select white of honey powder, as skin will more bright white. In powder when using a brush, thin degree will be very high, and covered with a puff will clear.

3, eyeliner

line drawing, to realise the lovely bride's eye movement. Use waterproof eyeliner brushes, coarse. Note When applying eyeliner as close as possible to the roots of the lashes, eyes slender to thin thick eyeliner and eye round people can pull some eyeliner. Roots of eyeliner on the lower lashes, eyeliner can be only of a little under.

4, coating of eye shadow

the orbital eye shadow, should choose a Pearl color, this color is quite suitable for Oriental people's temperament, can modify the color of dark eyes. Note When beating the eye shadow, not to play at the orbital location of concave edge, because the distance between eyes and eyebrows are very short and should up the brow bone instead of eyes.

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