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Cosmetic knowledge

Basics of makeup--makeup

First,   cosmetic procedures

(a) cleaning: place the cleanser Palm, rub out the foam, a circular approach from the bottom up, from inside to outside to rub, then rinse with warm facial.

(b) lotions: according to the different skins, different seasonal use skin lotion. When used, by hand or cosmetic cotton dipped in the water from the bottom up, from the inside out lightly in the face

(b) the   emulsion (butter): choosing the right skin lotion, skin cream, using a five-point method, the emulsion at the forehead, cheeks, nose, Chin (or rubbing lotion hands on), from the bottom up, from inside to outside the whole face evenly

(c) the Foundation: select or foundation based close to the skin color, with a make-up sponge dipped in a small amount of Foundation from the inside out, whole face evenly to clean, never smeared back and forth. If a bad complexion, wiping more than twice Foundation, each should be thin rather than thick, to prevent edge line. Blemish concealer pen cover

(d) highlight: choose brighter than the base color of 2~3du Foundation as the highlight color, brows, nose, lower eyelids, cheekbones and prominent parts of the face, should be thin rather than thick, edges are not allowed

(e) the shadow color: Dark Brown Foundation in the facial contours, nasal profile evenly, until the effects of cosmetic face. Pay attention to the transition even cohesion natural, edges are not allowed

(f) loose setting powder: type with transparent powder, colour powders, coloured powder, choose or loose powder to color, uniform dip powder puff, (the amount of powder to powder pouncing on the next, powder does not fall to be suitable) gently press the whole face, then use paint brush off excess powder

(g  ) eye shadow: eye shadow brush or amount of eye shadow powder, find where the structure of the eye, and eye structure shown is evenly from the outside corner of the eye to the inner corner shading, then with large eyeshadow brush dipped in a small amount of eye shadow powder shading the eyes. Attention to makeup puff isolation. Eye shadow color and skin color, clothing color coordination match the same color.

(VIII) Eye liner: eyeliner, eyeliner, water soluble powder eyeliner, such as soluble powder eyeliner eyeliner Eyeliner Brush dipped in water. Root of drawing my eyes line close to the eyelashes, eyeliner drawn Eyelash root under the medial; my eyes long line width, outer corner and provoke; next line stubby, outer corner color depth and width. Then, with dark eye shadow powder eye liner outside shading, the eyelashes thick hazy feeling.

(I) the eyebrows: throughout with a brow brush dipped in amount of eye shadow eyebrow, and eyebrows with eyebrow pencil a few parts painted according to the growth direction of the root a root. Eyebrow good people just use the eyebrow brush, eye shadow powder of the same color. Note eyebrows don't draw too real, it should be "two shallow, deep in the Middle," "above the shallow, deep below", and have a sense of the actual hair.

(10) lipstick: stroke outline the lips with a lip line, then the lipstick with a lip brush evenly within the outline. Color, eye shadow, lip color and makeup and costume coordination. To lip of the icing on the outer contour of the lips with a dark lipstick, use a light lipstick, or in the middle of the lower lip highlight apply lip balm, lip plump and moist.

(11) the eyelashes: first use Eyelash curler Eyelash curls, then coated with mascara. Painted eyelashes eyes when looking down. Repeatedly painted several times, finally lashes Eyelash comb comb, and clear away the excess mascara.

(12) Rouge: Rouge or Rouge brush a small amount of powder used, even swept under the cheekbone depressed area, on the corners of the mouth to the ear wires, then light Rouge swept in the cheekbone, careful not to have edge lines, should be like with no feeling, don't see the blush starting from which, at the end of which.

(13) capacity: brush dipped in a small amount of dark paint repair capacity profiles, pay attention to uniform and not showing the margin line. Let then use brush dipped in a small amount of light painting in high light and brighten.

(14) the connection between neck and face: choosing deeper than the base color of the face colors, makeup sponge evenly in the neck, and then use loose powder makeup.  

(15) the isolation is very important. Most commonly used are purple and green, yellow and purple skin MM, green for redness of MM, effectiveness of isolation is the contamination of isolated make-up on the skin and the outside world, so on the isolation is the emulsion Foundation before, remember (forgot to say, Hey Hey)  

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