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Cosmetic knowledge

Basic steps for makeup

First, cleaning and moistening

  after cleansing the skin, toner shrink pores on skin. Rub on a moisturizer, moisturizer in the skin's protective film, separate the skin and cosmetics, thus protecting the skin and easy on the makeup to prevent makeup cosmetics.


Second, apply Foundation


  look in the mirror people's faces in Asia generally uneven eyes, nose, mouth position three weeks more bleak, there are many spots and blemishes, Foundation is our first to create the perfect makeup.


foundations: covering power, can cover up blemishes, adjust the colour of the skin, improve skin texture, make the skin look smooth and delicate, through foundation shades can also enhance the face of icing.


Foundation type: wet powder, wet or powder and liquid Foundation. According to select skin, age and occasion.


method of use: apply Foundation order from top to bottom, from big to small principle apply.

third, the fix:


apply Foundation with loose powder makeup after makeup face fit more firmly, you can reconcile the brightness of the skin, absorbs sweat and grease on the surface of the skin, making the skin smooth, reduce greasy feeling.


method of use:


dry skin better sweep brushes using dry powder on your face, nose edges, corners of the mouth parts of puff; best puff even oily skin lotion, to two or three times, is not to cause the accumulation of powder on your face, stay longer. Last off the extra powder float.

four, eye


1, observe the eye structure, certain knowledge of the structure of the eye.


2, obtain the appropriate color basics, exercise their own colors.


3, exercise their own accurate expression of the face makeup, step by step, not to pursue dramatic visual effects.


4, exercise wrist strength and endurance.


5, the exercise's ability to guarantee clean makeup and see if dust falls after each write, in time to take appropriate remedial measures.


6, copying Masters works.

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