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Wedding photographer jiancaiqiyi stolen bride's dowry lockbox

&Nbsp;   summer as a member of the defendant's wedding photographers photographer disturbed part, jiancaiqiyi, turned out to be a thief to hand to newly married couples. On July 7, the mingguang city people's Court of first instance sentenced for larceny accused a jail sentence of one year and three months and fined 8000 Yuan. &Nbsp;

     him to summer in the city, a photographers photographic work, April 18, 2011, Ming XI liang village, subdistrict office villager Zhang mingguang married a wedding at home, accused some photographers assigned to wedding photography.

     about 12 o'clock noon, Zhang and bride toast to guests in, accompanied by camera a camera battery needs to be replaced on the grounds in the summer, came to found upstairs in the House alone, forced open the bride's dowry in the password box, stealing cash 4600 Yuan, taking cash from satchel charges next to the password box 1000 Yuan. The same day, summer some of the accused were arrested, after the incident, the money has been returned.


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