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Wedding location would you choose?

Long ago, wedding photos, all take some pictures in the room, simple effects! Today is our generation's world, a wedding is not only trying to int would also like find a different feeling in the outdoor, fresh style, whether and when we 80,,9 ideas! Bride in the selection of Interior, exterior scenes of the two, in the selection of clothing is supposed to be different.

How to pick the right on-location photography wedding? There are also many tips! Small Shenyang wedding photography below summarized some tips for you, come and have a look!

1. White yarn selection: normally indoor white tail should not be too large, strap styles can choose, usually a small tail. Conversely, outdoor white yarn should choose dragging tail tube top style, infinite has embraced with nature, nature, atmosphere, which unlike indoor style. Also now has a special style was welcomed by a young couple, it is not a small tail or tail, but long after the first short wedding dress, trendy atmosphere from style attracted many new people.

2. Selection of dresses: wedding dresses satin and yarn material simply can be divided into two. When indoor photos, satin dress material often give people a feeling of noble Grand. Satin dresses but is not generally used on location shooting, because the satin dress would strongly reflective, seems to lack the spirituality. Satin dress on location there is a problem is when the Sun, failed to shoot a wedding feel. On the location selection of dresses, choose yarn dress, slowly when shooting the breeze is light and beautiful, and looks noble and romantic.

3. Featured clothing choices: cheongsam, the Palace installed features, such as clothing. Cheongsam is a location used most, local and overseas Suzhou new wedding photos, select exterior of the ancient streets of Suzhou as attractions, light walk on the road, it's truly a woman in period costume.


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