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"Two time" into the Studio unspoken rules make Bridal jewelry cosmetics

&Nbsp;  recently, Florida, "New York, New York", "life with you" wedding photographers, such as sudden closing case. Wedding Photo Studio again caused concern both within and outside of Xiamen. Yesterday the investigation found that, at present, the City wedding photography industry is shuffling constantly, all kinds of "personality" wedding photo studio in the name after another, trying to qiangshi. Revelations in the industry said the "Studio" by "secondary consumer" to make money. &Nbsp;

it is reported that these "Studio" launched photography specifically for pregnant women and children, some introduced a wedding movie, children movie, thumb albums and new concepts. And yesterday, called "the first professional annual photo agencies---Recalling love professional annual photography" opened in Xiamen, played the "anniversary of photography", "photo" and other series concepts.

worthy of note is, at present, a number of "Studio" has launched the product prices are relatively "conservative". "Recalling the love of annual professional photography," General Manager Wu Congpeng told reporters that the Agency's launch package, mostly concentrated in the 1000 to 3000 Yuan. The price compared to traditional large Studios tens of million of costs, can be described as a "populist".

"right now, wedding photography competition in the industry is fierce, price wars continue, profits began to decline. "Chang Hong-Wei ye media ads related to official Huang Feng told reporters," the Studio "the size of the General, market acceptance has yet to be tested. Another small Studio heads and even said that under the present circumstances of market competition is fierce, and many new out of the "Studio" is actually running at a loss.

However, he found, though plagued by vicious competition in the market, but this "personality" banner Studio is not struggling. One who has long been engaged in wedding photography sector told reporters, in addition to basic business revenue, the Studio attempted to secondary growth of consumption and value-added services as a profit. The person said, and now some "Studio" in the course of operation, will continue to promote how specific services to consumers, especially photographers and make-up artists, and how different wedding dresses, jewelry, cosmetics, anyway, "personality" concept done.

"the ' bottle ', false eyelashes and other common cosmetics, just call ' personality ' identity, charges may be higher. "A well-known Studio head Wu ladies told reporter," Ann bottle "100 Yuan a bottle, general situation Xia photo makeup just 1 to 2 support, and some Studio claimed to build out" personality "makeup capacity, even once to new marketing using 6 support to 10 support," these Studio by aimed at of, more is has ' impulse consumption ' views of customer---they often is 3000 Yuan came in, and 7000 Yuan out. ”


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