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Through the United Kingdom married Prince chaos in the wedding industry

In April this year, Prince William wedding just past 30th hour, the first "clone" Kate dress in Suzhou Tiger Hill pagoda bridal market fresh. Over the years, workshops and small factories clone brand wedding, cloning foreign brand wedding dress has formed a kind of practice and understanding. Wedding on such cloning is also recognized by consumers, "high imitation version of" wedding in the wedding market does have a certain amount of market demand in the country, and occupies a considerable market share. &Nbsp;

bridal industry brand construction in China, in the bridal market is still extremely unbalanced conditions, more appears imminent. Although the wedding industry development in China was less than satisfactory, but are more optimistic about the prospects for the development of. Perfection does not exist in the industry, but if parties to the wedding industry in our country will strictly control the quality of products, and constantly innovate, research and develop new models, new technology, then our wedding industry trends are predictable with a brilliant future.  

on April 29, 2011, United Kingdom Royal London Prince William in the capital and "Cinderella" Kate held a Grand wedding. During the couple's dress, wedding dress, accessories and other related elements become the focus of the worldwide textile and garment industry. When Kate was dressed by AlexanderMcQueen wears the designer SarahBurton design simple long lace skirt off, slowly entered Westminster Abbey for a moment, brides-to-be and all around the world, this elegant, minimalist, pure wedding dress by dumping.  

However, behind the white wedding dress and unexpectedly gave birth to a dead funny how "China speed". Prince William's wedding just past 30th hour, the first "clone" Kate dress in Suzhou Tiger Hill pagoda bridal market fresh. This "clone" Princess wedding dress, has a 3.8-meter-long graceful skirts, lace is the whole issue of the whole wedding dress sketched noble and refined temperament. From both a wedding dress styles of production, still visible on the fabric color selection or even some trinkets with skirts on the simulation of over 90%.  


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