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Practical wedding photography tips Carnival

For our photography enthusiasts, often to the moving season, will certainly take their cameras out of photography, and small series I is you take photos for friends almost every weekend, including a couple in love or about to walk down the aisle of the new people.  

this year, after the generation has been at the peak of wedding and marriage registries are around more than in previous years. And because of this, there are many years of photography enthusiasts want to help a friend shoot something about couples, wedding themes, such as films, so have to ask small make up how to shoot such photos. Small series of nature in this article is to introduce, so when we go out taking pictures an idea, follow.

couple wedding dress such subjects in photography as a whole accounted for a considerable proportion in some busy sections, we often can see the professional wedding photography stores rather commercialized. So, now more and more private Studio flat, with great personal style, adapted to some like the personality of the friend request.

However, getting jiede, this theme is divided into three classes: an indoor Studio, outdoor photography and weddings. Among them, the indoor Studio and outdoor we are familiar, but the wedding is not often seen with this link, and this theme is very developed abroad, the reason is that European-style weddings are held in the Church in the morning, evening meal, while China finished the ceremony is from dawn to noon, so the whole process is difficult to control. However, as a professional photographer, weddings are not a problem. In this article, small will be for everyone to list three types of photographic equipment needed, and then to introduce three simple photography tips photography process.


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