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New hot network group into human rights complaints

On July 7, the provincial trade and Industry Bureau released first-half consumer rights complaint hot spots, cell phones, electrical appliances, food, telecommunications, Internet access, entertainment and other "list".  

handled 12315 command center at the provincial and municipal trade and industry levels in first half of consumers, business operators claim 124,430, up 17.63% over the same period last year. By the end of June, industrial and commercial departments have consumers retrieve economic losses of 8.3106 million Yuan, 1361 to resolve consumer disputes.  

the first half of consumer complaints more hot topics focus on mobile phones, electrical appliances, foods, etc; services complaint hot spots concentrated in telecommunications, Internet access, entertainment and so on. Emerging human rights complaint hot spots are concentrated in the following areas:  

network group disputes. Network group of network consumption patterns are relatively popular in recent years, automobile beauty, restaurant reservation, wedding photography, home products, such as network group objects. Dispute is mainly focused on service delivery, service delays, reducing the quality of service, modification of a service contract, fraud.  

home, more than building issues. More consumer complaints are: some furniture dealers sales, do not provide after-sales service, furniture quality problems are not resolved; individual operators promised not to act on matters such as furniture.  

wedding photography problem. Photos taken mainly for the ownership issues fake brand-name Photo Studio, touting low prices, poor service; after receiving photography shop transfer or shut down, consumers everywhere or to receive photos; photo albums, picture frames and other ancillary products and shoddy, and so on.  

problems involving real estate. The first half of the consumers to reflect the increase in the number of property developers and companies. The main problems are: developer violation charge gas initial installation fees; turn-key forces tie products; do not have occupancy requirements mandatory for heating; housing damage, the property company refusing or delaying the repairs; community planning parking spaces, forcing owners to buy, don't buy into the car.  


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