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Nancy island created after the fashion trendsetter

– The Nancy of Qingdao International College of art graduates Jiang Miao road stylist  

Qingdao, a fashionable and rich cities, exhibition and attracted around the world model contest competition debut, the size of each show and model competition beauty gathers. Master Jiang Miao this paper was created these beautiful landscapes of the stylists behind the scenes. Also youngest after the island city fashion stylists, so far, has been involved in the preparations for two International Auto Show models modelling, and in 2010, "Miss tourism World pageant" on the title.

referring to the glory, Jiang Miao said today's achievements, thanks to his alma mater in Qingdao Nancy art institutes international, four years ago, Jiang Miao was a recent graduate to Qingdao, in the face of heart and unfamiliar city, temporarily lost. A chance opportunity, Internet Qingdao Nancy opened the art institutes International makeup artist, cosmetologist, skills courses, so this still just a vision of fashion after the little girl found the point of interest. After school to learn all about, Jiang Miao enlisted in the makeup design for the beginner's class, learning the intermediate class. 2008 July, strongly recommended by her school teacher on the island city a famous makeup Studio was a five-month internship. Many practical problems encountered during the internship, Jiang Miao recorded in a timely manner, and discussions with teachers and students in going back to school after work. After the internship ended, Jiang Miao wedding photography by Castle circle known as the "most innovative beauty makeup artist."

after the little Miss does not meet the current results, after the end of the internship, he went back to the Nancy school senior makeup deep improvement seminars of teachers, myself among the fashion-forward position, keen to capture the pulse of fashion. During this time, Nancy vocational training schools were invited to Canada and the United Kingdom's senior makeup stylists to provide technical guidance and resource exchange. This again Jiang Miao received a higher leap. After the development has laid a solid foundation for him.

now, in the island city of fashion, the little beauty has a hot line after the stylist. But he always remembered his first class at Nancy school teacher he was presented with a word: how big is the heart, the stage much. Nancy walked onto the stage gives you the most solid pedal!


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