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Marriage registration in Nanning has implemented the "three part" do not participate in business services

The Ministry of Civil Affairs recently issued and implemented on July 1, the standards for grading the marriage registration office. Standards, the marriage registration office to maintain the independence and seriousness, such provisions shall not engage in any commercial activities. 6th press survey found that Nanning has been strictly distinguish between the marriage registration administration and marriage service boundaries, in accordance with the "three-separation" requirement, marriage registration office of the business relationship is not to be confused with the commercial activities. &Nbsp;

marriage registries with a commercial service area

according to reports, prior to 2005, the marriage registration office in Nanning city is there is no commercial service, later for the convenience of the public, civil affairs departments to introduce marriage-related services companies, providing subsidiary outside the marriage registration services.

xixiangtang district Bureau of Civil Affairs Bureau, xixiangtang district marriage registration offices in a small building.   Yesterday, reporter with the marriage couples to register their marriage with Mr Li process experience. Lee left in the lobby counter review the relevant documents to the appropriate Office for photocopying, after photos, take the red card, get the forms and statements and other processes, the whole process only took 36 Yuan for taking pictures.   This is not obligatory to pay 36 Yuan? Reporters at the registration Hall asked civil affairs staff, said: "can choose to take photographs in Civil Affairs Bureau, and can take a picture is not here. "Subsequently, the reporter called this photography service that photographers call, they said:" they and civil affairs are two different individuals, and no financial ties. ”

marriage registration office in the Jiangnan District Civil Affairs Bureau, the door has a company called "day" wedding photographers, store staff told reporters: "we shop 2009, earlier than the Civil Affairs Bureau, is not managed by the civil administration, but will help the civil administration to do photo work. ”

in green show District Civil Affairs Bureau marriage registration at, commercial service district and marriage registration district is completely separate of, two a regional of business contact not to a, service area also has specifically of documents as workshop and business work between, only in with of is Dang marriage registration at awarded card member in to new awarded card Shi, service area of personnel only into marriage registration organ of awarded card room, to new for photo and camera.  


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