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Loan sharks forced the Xiamen with two well-known Studio recently, have to close down and leave

  Less than half months apart, Xiamen with two well-known Studio have to close down, first lianban Toyama women's Street • New York, New York wedding photography "closed due to economic conflicts"; then, fukang, building lives had also rushed to close out your wedding photography. Reporters found that two shop closed because of loan sharks as well.

blind expansion of  

New York • New York defeat in Fuzhou

yesterday, reporters in Fu Shan women's Street • New York, New York wedding photography found in the Studio see the figure of a dark staircase leading to the second floor. On the curtain according to a circular posted on June 22, the shop closed due to economic conflicts to mediate, operating until further notice.

why the famous New York • New York suddenly closed in Xiamen, had been without a clear statement. Many customers also know "boss absconded with, vanished."

"in fact • fall in loan-sharking in New York, New York. "Yesterday, a person reveal the truth about the Studio sadly closed.

"New York • New York founded by a Taiwanese-owned surnamed Lee, business was red hot. "People familiar with the matter said, boss Li began staking, a photographic base was invested in huandao road, and buying a Studio in Fuzhou. However, rapid expansion required a lot of money but was overwhelmed by New York • New York, Studio acquisitions in Fuzhou is considered a turning point in New York • New York capital chain rupture.

"the acquisition of Fuzhou at the Studio spent more than 50.6 million Yuan, but firms cannot be hands-on, management in place, the business has been done up. "These people say: in 1 year in Fuzhou Studio not only made money, even on the back of the 50.6 million yuan in debt, plus cash for acquisitions, Fuzhou Studio one point spent more than 1 million Yuan.

However, if the debt is more than 1 million Yuan, will not let New York • New York mired in.


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