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Hiking in Edinburgh offer love theme wedding photography in England reaching base

Prince and Princess edge of Edinburgh

honey games you have a moment, Prince/Princess of themselves into that role?

in April, the United Kingdom Royal family held a Grand wedding ceremony of Prince William. So, in a sweet festive in 2011, why I love her (him), another top UK theme wedding photography of their own. Qingdao hiking group combined several islands famous Studio, Studio in hiking • Edinburgh   (Forum   video) English style mansion district for the city couple walks offer England reaching the Royal theme photo base. It is understood that the occasion of Saskatchewan when hiking Edinburgh gardens to bloom, love you may not step into marriage halls can also bring you her (him) to this photo, make sweet love, intoxicating beauty, fixed in Edinburgh under the Sun!

an Edinburgh love, is the perfect combination of culture and elegance of classic, is a fairy tale dreams allows you to tell a love story ... ...

hiking • Edinburgh, Rong ju, laoshan district science and technology city core area, promenade and Pine Ridge Road, Qingdao City, Liaoyang Road Interchange. Adjacent to Qingdao international golf course, effort to build 270,000 square michunzhengyinglun style top international houses. Outside and ecological residential of purely natural, within faith 49% super high green garden views, unique of five heavy green landscape, and seven British LUN theme culture square, for this tablets vitality full of land added has unlimited Humanities breath, walk garden within carefully design Pu loaded of Pebble trail Shang, seemed exposure natural slope Park, natural of better and exotic style of interwoven, let people breath stop, linger.

opening ceremony, sharing a romantic tour of England

it is learnt that the feast will take place in the real hiking Edinburgh gardens,  Burberry 2011 Qingdao spring/summer fashion show will also make the aromatic scent of Edinburgh for the first time in an English garden stars shine! While there are 10 million housing fund, 200 iPad2 and romantic trip to England is waiting for you to pick up!

an English-style garden landscape feast, a British Royal style luxury up close, let us look forward to!


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