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Happy flowers scenic park romance more than "Provence"

&Nbsp;     as host of romance and leisure world Crown of flowers, lavender flowers, Provence became also many tourists dream holiday destination. Today, visitors don't have to envy in Qingdao distant France South, meet Jiaozhou, meet "tour of Provence", happy flowers tourist attractions will be held on July 17 at the Jiaozhou Grand opening.

the upcoming opening of happy sea scenic area is located in Jiaozhou sanlihe BU Luo Lin Cun, covers an area of 350 acres. In the scenic, visitors can not only enjoy unlimited took the kelp to the senses meet, also in the playground, the lover's Valley, lavender love shop to enjoy the pleasure of recreation.

Olivia flower Sun Yuan, General Manager says, lavender is more delicate, and after two years ' trial in jiaodong peninsula, lavender grows very well, so they were specially imported Lavender varieties were planted. Has now succeeded in planting more than 30 acres, the area will be further expanded in the future. In addition, lavender only 17% the germination rate, so the company in Tianshui, Gansu province has nearly 1000 acres of lavender cultivation base, Qingdao will provide long-term quality of seedlings. But, despite Qingdao of climate for smoked clothing grass growth, but local of soil is up not to standard, due to the garden is through land circulation, rental of agricultural with to, land long-term by herbicide and fertilizer of effect, in biological index and fertility Shang are cannot meet requirements, so the company input heavily on land for has improved, used has big area for soil, application biological fertilizer, way, degradation herbicide, for smoked clothing grass of settled in created has a excellent of congenital conditions.

it is understood that the Park has invested nearly 20 million, will also continue to invest in the future, make a highlight of country tourism in Qingdao. At present, the Park can be visited, the ticket price is 30 yuan, and the attractions are particularly suitable for wedding photography and photo shoot location, after all, hundreds of acres of flower fields and large tracts of sunflowers in the Qingdao area rarely seen.

beautiful flowers had many beauties, flowers to show their beautiful figures, like flowers and more. Photographers have also held the camera to record this beautiful moment. According to the scenic area said, lavender flower from July to October. Lavender flower blooms in mid-July will be of up to 100 days, lavender culture unique in the market space, according to various characteristics of plant growth, visitors can also use the distillation of the Manor House to watch to extract essential oils from Lavender entire distillation process and modulated of lavender essential oil, perfume the whole process. In addition, you can also give full play to the imagination, hands-on making ecological SOAP.

happy garden in addition to lavender, someone can enjoy the sunflowers, and as colorful as a rainbow of colorful flower mound. Colorful flowers are symbolic of the Manor area attractions. Within the core area of planted lavender, ornamental sunflowers, and dozens of herbs and plants. In spring, cherry blossom pink flowers in the Park; listening to the rain, is the blossom of lavender, sunflower and sunflower yellow sea Lavender purple flowers set against colorful, colorful. Particularly in mid-July is the most beautiful flower field, led by Lavender Purple, seven colors of flowers covered the entire hillside, constitute an alternating shades of colored tapestries, ribbons seemed infinitely extended, intertwined with blue sky and white clouds, like all colors of the Rainbow, "Rainbow flower", hence the name.

is located in the hilltop shopping center there are children of the most interesting recreation area--children of paradise, these rides small chic, bright colors, popular for children. Watch Lavender at the same time, so that friends can experience the most cheerful and most fun crafts for kids. &Nbsp;   in addition, the lover's Valley in the Northwest corner of the estate, thatched buildings with regional characteristics. Visitors can reserve their private space and the sea, panoramic view of the Manor to meet couples create a romantic atmosphere and watch the spiritual needs of leisure, thatched roof temporarily open 35, can accommodate up to 70 people.


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