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Development trend and prospect of our wedding industry

Our wedding industry trends  

(1) industry specialization, expanding the scope of services, providing richer in new consumer products and services;

(2) quality of services will continue to improve, more focused on services and content, a system of professional orientation sequence;

(3) all kinds of wedding services company alliances, industry and businesses "powerful alliances", resource integration, win-win development trends

(4) wedding industry "Gold Digger" industry expanding cake wedding consumption is growing

(5) wedding Association constant was established in various regions, will advocate services, integrity services

(6) the Government pay more attention to wedding cultures, develop and refine new consumer industry standards, regulation of market

(7) the enterprises pay more attention to creating a wedding industry famous brand, to build the core competitiveness, improving management level of the entire industry

(8) network as well as modern scientific and technological means in the wedding industry will play a big role in the promotion and sale of


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