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Alert beauty trap in wedding photography

A set of beautiful wedding fashion, new life will leave beautiful memories. However many consumers go to Studio photos, accidentally fall wedding photo studio "beautiful trap", spend a lot of money. Recently, the consumers ' Association received some complaints about wedding photography, due to the Studio without a written agreement with the consumer, only verbal agreement, or, if there is a written agreement, but the content is not clear, for the services provided, the standard does not specify once Studio services shrink, the default dispute, rational consumers don't know. &Nbsp;

consumers ' Association received complaints about wedding photography has the following categories:

is a promise to provide free makeup Studio is in agreement, but in the actual makeup, makeup for a variety of reasons charged fees, or makeup artists to enhance the effect of shooting on the grounds, require them to provide make-up water, fake eyelashes, cosmetics, extra charge.

is the second Studio release of the "package" includes a free wedding dress, however consumers choose a wedding dress will find wedding "VIP area" and "non VIP area". "Package" the wedding is included in "non-VIP area", not only the style of old, and dirty. If I had to choose the "VIP area" wedding dress, you will have to pay hundreds of rental fees.

three operators to protect their intellectual property rights deny is wedding photography provides wedding film. If you want to get negative, including digital film, will have to pay. It is also a human trap, at the time agreed for their wedding photos, service personnel without the matter, after photos, they will find a reason for consumers to buy film again.

for more wedding photography consumer problems that may occur in the process, made to consumers by Association the following prompt:

to understand the business and qualify. First of all is to understand their business licenses, legal business, in addition, as consumers need to confirm its technical staff, such as photographers, videographers, etc have no personnel qualification certificate issued by the Labor Department.

to sign a contract to avoid secondary consumer. Consumers should try to keep the business promise of service content, size, type, price details in written form, even if you have standard contracts, amendments and supplements may be required.

beware of deposit, retain vouchers. Carefully make a deposit when signing up, in accordance with the law, the deposit must not exceed a maximum rate of 20%. In addition, to take good care of the contract and the regular notes, identify problems and reflect to the business sector or consumer associations, to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

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